Which recipe is the best for steak, cheeseburger, or tacos?

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On Tuesday, US Senator Al Franken (D-MN) introduced legislation to combat the problem of “steak-sniffing dogs” and other dog food brands that are not certified for meat and animal-based products.

Franken said the legislation was intended to combat “the epidemic of dog food that is not meat-based and that contains meat substitutes.”

The bill would require that dog food companies provide an accurate description of their meat substitutes.

Franken, along with other lawmakers and industry groups, have been calling for the creation of a federal dog food regulatory body since 2010.

“The truth is that when you are a meat-producing country, you need to make sure that what we eat is safe,” Franken said at the time.

“You have to make a product that can be eaten safely, that will be the healthiest food available, and that is meat-free.

And I think we’ve been losing that focus.”

Franken, a lifelong vegetarian and a staunch animal rights advocate, introduced the legislation after the release of a video of a USDA inspector testing an off-label steak-sensing dog.

The USDA inspector found the dog food had a “high-risk of causing adverse reactions in animals” and “contained a chemical that could be toxic for humans.”

The USDA Inspector General concluded that the USDA’s meat-sensoring dog products “were not safe.”


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