Which flavor is best? | Filet Mignon and steak recipes

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FILET MIGNON STEAKFRIED WITH CHOCOLATE FLAVOR (vegan) A hearty filet mince steak can be served with fresh lettuce, tomato, basil, cucumber and feta cheese, and a dollop of creamy, buttery sauce.

A vegan version can be cooked in a skillet with mushrooms, onions and garlic.

(Vegan Recipe: Filet-Mignon Steak and Steak Fajita Marinade) MIRACLE MINT STEAK (vegetarian) A rich, golden-brown, crispy-tooth-tongued, and lightly spicy Italian mincemeat topped with creamy, honeyed caramel sauce.

The dish is made with a homemade glaze and topped with crumbled feta.

(Glow-in-the-Dark Vegan Pasta: Sweet Pasta with Glorious Pasta) RICE AND POTATO (veg-friendly) A savory, rich, and crispy rice noodle soup with tofu and pickled red onions, topped with fresh cucumber.

(Grilled Vegetarian: Vegan Sushi Bowl with Sushi Noodles) STRAINED OIL (vegg-friendly, soy-free) Strain a pot of vegetable broth or broth infused with soy sauce and add some soy sauce to it, then add some garlic, onion, garlic powder and ginger.

Serve it over steamed rice.

(Tofu and Soy-Based Soy-Free Rice Noodle Soup with Soy Sauce: A Gluten-Free Vegan Soup) STEAK AND GRILLED SALMON (vegans love it!)

This hearty steak and mushroom dish is cooked in buttery, butter-tender sauce with fresh spinach, mushrooms, and fresh parsley, topped by sweet, tangy, fresh lemon zest.

(Meaty Steak & Mushroom: Vegetarian and Vegan-Inspired Steak-And-Mushroom Curry: A Vegan-Friendly Meaty Tofu & Mushroom Soup) LESBIAN TACOS (veggies-free, gluten-free and dairy-free!)

Enjoy this sweet and spicy vegetarian version of this delicious, rich Mexican taco that’s made with crispy tortillas, homemade tortillas and homemade salsa.

(Mexican Taco Soup with Garlic: The Art of a Classic Mexican Taco Soup) CACHE (veggie-friendly and gluten-friendly!)

Serve this tasty, comforting, and flavorful vegan dish of beans and rice with a side of homemade, gluten free breadcrumbs and chopped cilantro.

(Homemade Vegan Cabbage Soup with Creamy Vegetarian Breadcrumbs: Gluten Free Vegan Cucumber & Cilantro Soup) KALE BLENDER (vegas-friendly vegan) This hearty, savory kale blend with fresh parsnip, red onions and chives and homemade sour cream and cilantro is cooked with coconut oil and topped off with homemade tortilla chips and avocado salsa.

You can add extra kale for a delicious, healthy side dish.

(Kale & Spinach: Vegan Kale & Almond Shaved Oats: A Mediterranean Lentil and Spinach Blend)


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