What’s the best thing about being a blue steak?

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By Mark HickeyPublished 11:50 am, February 22, 2017The Irish Times | A new Irish study finds that blue steak is the best choice for many of us, with the only exception being that it is expensive.

Dublin City University researcher Prof Alan Doyle told the Irish Times that it took a lot of effort for us to find out that blue-steak was the best steak, because it is a traditional dish.

“I would say it takes about 40 to 50 hours to find the best blue-steward steak in Dublin,” he said.

“It’s not a simple process.”

“We wanted to get some information on the cost of the meal and the availability of blue steaks so we looked at the number of people who ate blue-Steak, the average price of blue- steaks and the cost per person,” he explained.

The research found that the cost to eat a Blue Steak in Dublin was €20.30 ($23) per person.

This was up from €20 in the first study published in 2013, and it was significantly higher than in other parts of the country.

The cheapest Blue Steaks in Dublin were on offer at restaurants including the iconic La Feria in Cork and The Irish Tavern in Dublin’s Lower College Street.

Prof Doyle also said that people tend to eat blue-tongs at home, even if they are not aware that they are blue.

“People are more likely to eat them at home because they think they are a traditional Irish dish, which we find very surprising,” he concluded.

“We think that’s probably because they have a different flavour to our blue-beef.”

The next step is to look at the availability and whether it’s more affordable.

And that is going to require a lot more research.

“Dublin’s best blue steak, a piece of blue steak served at The Irish Pub in Dublin, costs €21.50 per person


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