Trump administration officials try to put an end to ‘white supremacy’ in California

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President Donald Trump’s White House is reportedly investigating whether California state government officials are violating the state’s anti-discrimination law by allowing a restaurant chain to serve customers who are from minority groups, according to The Sacramento Bee.

The investigation is reportedly being led by Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Catherine Nessel.

The Bee reported the probe is related to the decision by the California Department of Motor Vehicles to deny a license to a restaurant in Sacramento, CA, and a request by the restaurant’s owner to remove a Confederate flag from its premises.

The restaurant’s owners, who are African American, claim the state does not allow them to discriminate against customers based on race.

The report also said the Trump administration is examining the potential impact of the decision on businesses operating in the state.

The ban on the Confederate flag is part of the Trump’s “Southern Strategy,” which aims to make the U.S. a white majority nation by 2025.

The Southern Strategy has included the building of an entire border wall and construction of a border wall along the U,S.-Mexico border.

In recent months, the president has also expressed support for an expansion of immigration enforcement in the U., including the use of military force to deport illegal immigrants.


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