The world’s biggest bitcoin exchange has been hacked

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A huge hack of an exchange in central China has been traced to a Chinese exchange called Steem, which claims to operate the world’s largest bitcoin exchange.

The incident, which is still ongoing, has left users of Steem and other platforms unable to withdraw or send bitcoins to the Chinese cryptocurrency market.

In the past two days, users of both services have reported that they have received spam messages and other unwanted messages, according to a post on the Steem forum on Thursday.

Steem claims to have over $200 million worth of bitcoins on its system.

The breach happened in late December, but it was not immediately clear how the attack was discovered.

Users of the Chinese exchange reported to the site that they had been sent spam messages, which the company said were from a spam bot.

In a post to the forum, Steem said it was working to address the issue and said it had received an alert from Chinese authorities.

A post on Wednesday said the company was investigating whether the attack could be related to a cyberattack.

However, there was no evidence to suggest that the issue was related to Steem’s exchange.

Users have reported seeing messages like this in the past: Steem: Hello!

This is your email.

You must be logged in to receive this message.

This email is for Steem Community.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience.

To ensure you receive the message, please sign in with a valid email address.

Thank you for your interest.

The posts did not indicate a link to the email, but the forum post said Steem is “working hard to get back to you.”

The hack of the company that makes Steem was the biggest cyberattack of its kind in the world, according a cybersecurity expert at the Chinese company.

It has led to the shutdown of several exchanges in the country, including one in the capital, Beijing.

The exchange had not responded to an email seeking comment.

The attack was the latest in a series of cyberattacks that have hit other Bitcoin-related platforms.

In September, a Chinese Bitcoin exchange, BTCC, was hacked and shut down by the cyberattackers.

Earlier this month, a hacker attacked another Bitcoin exchange in Hong Kong and shut it down, but claimed credit for the breach.

In October, hackers stole personal information from Mt.

Gox, the largest Bitcoin exchange.

In January, the website of a popular bitcoin exchange in the Philippines was attacked and shuttered.


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