Oregon steak: A ‘totally wild’ steak, not just for locals

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Oregon’s famous steak is getting a little wilder, but the meat is still perfectly safe to eat, according to a team of scientists.

In a new study, researchers analyzed more than 5,000 samples of smoked, charred and ground beef from four Oregon counties and found that all four types of steak are safe.

In addition, the study found no evidence of cancer or other health issues linked to the meats.

The research is the first to quantify the risk for foodborne illness from a wide variety of meat types, said Dr. Andrew Seiler, a meat science professor at the University of Washington.

He is the study’s lead author.

In the study, the team compared two groups of meat from the same county.

One group included samples from the oldest cattle herd in Oregon, which predates the current state-of-the-art lab and other recent research.

The second included samples collected from cattle and beef herds from a second region of the state.

The researchers analyzed the meat by comparing the quality of the carcass with other meats and comparing it with samples from animals living in Oregon.

They also compared the quality and age of the meat samples from two other Oregon counties.

For example, the analysis found that samples from cattle from the older cattle herd and samples from meat from that same herd were much more similar than samples from samples from different herds.

In fact, the oldest and oldest cattle samples were indistinguishable from each other, the researchers said.

For this reason, the meat from all four herds is considered a very good source of meat for health reasons.

In other words, the best meat from this herd is the best for health.

Researchers are still investigating how well the steak was cooked.

If the meat was cooked properly, the authors said, the results could be very good for health, but they added, it is not certain.

In an accompanying editorial, the Oregon Food and Agricultural Experiment Station noted that, even with this research, it remains very much possible that some health issues will occur as a result of the consumption of smoked and/or charred beef.

It said it is too soon to know whether the findings will have a large effect on health.

“If the results of this study are accurate and the health impacts of eating meat from cattle are sufficiently well controlled, the potential health impacts will be minimal,” the journal said.


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