“I didn’t want to lose the chicken” – Claymont steak

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Claymont Steak and Ale opened in 2012 in the heart of the historic town of Lake City.

The restaurant, which is named for the town’s namesake, Claymont, has a focus on local ingredients, and it has also developed a strong following.

The restaurant was originally named Claymont’s Steakhouse, and its first menu item was a beef marinara sauce.

However, after the restaurant moved to its current location in 2016, the sauce disappeared from the menu.

The restaurant’s owner, Matt Clark, says the sauce was not a problem until a customer asked about the sauce during the restaurant’s first week of business.

“When we started opening, we had to do a little cleanup, so we started out with a basic, old sauce that had been sitting in our fridge for months,” Clark said.

“We had to find a way to bring that back and have it be a part of the menu.”

In 2016, Clayton Steak & Ale was able to bring back the sauce and re-launch it.

The sauce is now part of its daily menu.

“We’re kind of getting back to basics, but we’re definitely bringing back some of that chicken and beef marination that you know and love,” Clark explained.

In 2018, the restaurant expanded to a second location in downtown Claymont.

This new location is a more upscale restaurant and features a large, wood-fired oven.

It also has a large patio, but Clark says it was a challenge to make the patio comfortable.

“We were trying to create a space that was comfortable, but also that felt very inviting and open and that was the goal,” Clark told ABC News.

“It’s kind of hard to make something that’s comfortable and open, but it feels like a good space to be at when you’re out there.”

In that sense, we’re going back to that old sauce.

That’s why we’re doing it again,” he added.

In 2019, the original Claymont restaurant moved into its new space in the Lake City Mall, a shopping mall that Clark says he’s been calling home for the past few years.”

For Claymont restaurants, the future is always bright. “

I’m really happy to be here.”

For Claymont restaurants, the future is always bright.

In 2018, Claytons Steak House and Ale closed for good after about 10 years in business, and the restaurant reopened as Claymont Grill and Ale in 2019.

Clark says that it was important to him to give the Lake County community something to celebrate and that the restaurant will continue to operate in Lake City after it closes.


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