‘Alfa Romeo’ Diesel Engine Makes $5,000 per mile: Toyota

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Toyota has just posted the results of its latest fuel efficiency test, which showed the fuel efficiency of the company’s latest flagship sedan, the $5 million Alfa Romeo sedan.

The test came out a week after Toyota’s announcement of the fuel-efficient EcoBoost engine that powers the 2017 Prius hybrid, which will become the companys top-selling electric vehicle.

Toyota’s fuel efficiency tests have been a key component of the automaker’s strategy of building a vehicle that delivers the best fuel economy possible in the most efficient way possible.

In the latest test, Toyota showed the 2017 FJ Cruiser to be a fuel-guzzling, two-passenger, four-wheel drive sedan that produced more than twice the fuel economy of the top-performing diesel sedan.

In its own test, the 2017 Ford Fiesta Energi managed a respectable 5.9 mpg in the city and 8.5 mpg on the highway.

The car made a little more than half as much fuel as the Toyota FJ.

However, the Fiesta E, the best-selling hybrid, did a better job in the worst-case scenario, where it was unable to drive at all.

In that scenario, the car managed 4.6 mpg.

The Fiesta E is the most fuel-consuming car Toyota has ever produced.

That was the case even when the FJ was driven in a city mode, where the car would have needed only about 3.9 more mpg than the standard Fiesta E. However the EcoBoost is not as efficient as the diesel engine, which uses hydrogen to power the vehicle.

Instead, the diesel uses compressed air and compressed methane to make power.

Toyota also has an updated version of the diesel called the Diesel 4-cylinder that is supposed to be even more efficient.

This engine was originally designed for the Toyota Supra.

The Diesel 4 has more power than the current version of that car, but is only four cylinders rather than six.

The diesel engine is designed for long-haul passenger cars, like the Toyota Land Cruiser, which is more than three times the size of the Fj Cruiser.

It can make as much as 5.5 miles per gallon in city driving, according to Toyota, which means that a diesel-powered Land Cruiser can make the same amount of fuel as a hybrid-powered FJ, but the diesel makes up for it in terms of efficiency.

It is the third generation of the Diesel engine, and Toyota is the only automaker that uses it.


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